Mass communication

Mass communication covers a wide area, comprising of closely related fields of advertisement, communication and public relations. Almost all kinds of establishments whether business, government or political are availing of services, offered by these industries, therefore an encouraging sign for those looking ahead to making a career in mass communication.

Mass communication is a vast field covering many areas under it. Some of these are discussed under the following headings.


Courses in mass communication are offered at different levels. One can opt for a diploma, PG diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and even doctoral level programmes. The eligibility criteria differ from course to course. For diploma and undergraduate programs in mass communication, one should have passed the intermediate exam in any discipline. For PG diploma and postgraduate degree courses, Bachelor’s degree in any discipline is required, whereas for doctorate level course, Master’s degree in mass communication is mandatory. When it comes to curriculum, mass communication is a vast area and hence, covers a lot of aspects of communication. The topics in the courses vary from field to field.

Diversification in different areas of mass communication is witnessing a steep rise and is expected to thrive further, on account of growing professionalism and advancement in this sector. Anyone who is creative, dynamic, and enterprising and has flair to project his ideas, thoughts, observation through different mediums of communication can accommodate himself comfortably in this industry. Computers, especially the advent of Internet has furthermore brought new and challenging opportunities in the communication segment. It is attracting a more and more people from traditional forms of mass media.

Opportunities for placement in diverse fields of mass communication are available in publishing houses, radio and television companies, corporate world, entertainment industry, media industry, advertising agencies, public relations agencies, government organizations etc. As far as remuneration is concerned it varies from one area of mass communication to another. However in every area, it is much dependent on the size of the organization, its location combined together with the level of responsibility and experience of the candidate.

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