University of Madras : Previous Year Question Papers : BBA/ B.Sc.ISM /B.Sc VISCOM /BCOM ISM / B.Sc.ISM

Name of the University: University of Madras [UNOM], Tamil Nadu

Year: First year, Second year, Final year

Semester: 1st semester/ 2nd semester/ 3rd semester/ 4th semester/ 5th semester/ 6th semester

Courses: UG/ PG (Regular or Distance Education)


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Tamil –I (Candidates admitted prior to 2013-14) CLA1A

Tamil – I (Candidates admitted in 2013-14 only) CLA1E

Tamil – I (Candidates admitted from 2014-15 to 2015-16) CLA1F

Tamil – I (Candidates admitted from 2016-17) CLA1L

Telugu – I CLB1A

Kannada – I CLC1A

Malayalam – I (Candidates admitted prior to 2013-14) CLD1A

Malayalam – I (Candidates admitted from 2013-14) CLD1E

Hindi – I (Candidates admitted prior to 2013-14) CLE1A

Hindi – I (Candidates admitted from 2013-14) CLE1E

Urdu – I CLF1A

Sanskrit – I (Candidates admitted prior to 2015-16) CLG1A

Sanskrit – I (Candidates admitted from 2015-16) CLG1E

Arabic – I (Candidates admitted prior to 2012-13) CLH1A

Arabic – I (Candidates admitted from 2012-13) CLH1E

French – I (Candidates admitted prior to 2012-13) CLK1A

French – I (Candidates admitted from 2012-13 to 2014-2015) CLK1E

French – I (Candidates admitted from 2015-16) CLK1K

Tamil – II (candidates admitted prior to 2010-11) CLA2B

Tamil – II (candidates admitted from 2010-11 to 2012-13) CLA2G

Tamil – II (candidates admitted from 2013-14) CLA2H

Telugu – II CLB2B

Kannada – II CLC2B

Malayalam –II (candidates admitted prior to 2013-14) CLD2B

Malayalam – II (candidates admitted from 2013-14) CLD2G

Hindi – II (candidates admitted prior to 2013-14) CLE2B

Hindi – II (candidates admitted from 2013-14) CLE2G

Urdu – II CLF2B

Sanskrit – II (candidates admitted prior to 2015-16) CLG2B

Sanskrit – II (Candidates admitted from 2015-16) CLG2G

Arabic – II (candidates admitted prior to 2012-13) CLH2B

Arabic – II (candidates admitted from 2012-13) CLH2G

French – II (candidates admitted prior to 2012-13) CLK2B

French – II (candidates admitted from 2012-13 to 2014-15) CLK2G

French – II (Candidates admitted from 2015-16) CLK2L

French – II (Candidates admitted from 2018-2019) CLK2T

English I (Candidates admitted prior to 2009-10) CLZ1A

English I (Candidates admitted from 2009-10 to 2013-14) CLZ1E

English I (Candidates admitted from 2014-15) CLZ1K

English – II (candidates admitted prior to 2009) CLZ2B

English – II (candidates admitted from 2009-10 to 2013-14)) CLZ2G

English – II (candidates admitted from 2014-15) CLZ2K

Financial Accounting (Common to B.Com & BBA ) MAM1A/BPW1A/BPZ1A/BPF1A/BPG1A/SBAMK/BPC1A/BPM1A

Principles of Management (Common to BBA) MAM1B

Computer Applications in Business MBN1A

Business Communication (Common to BBA & B.Com) MAM2C/BPF4D/BPG4D/BPM2A

Management Accounting (Common to BBA) MAM2D

Data Structure MBN2B

Financial Management (Common to BBA & B.Com) MAM3E/BPZ5D/BPF5D/ BPC5A/BPG5D

Marketing Management (Common to BBA) MAM3J

Programming in “C’ MAN3A

Business Statistics (Common to B.Com & BBA) MBM3C/BTF1A/ BTG1A/BTM1A/MCM3C

Environmental Studies (Candidate admitted prior to 2017-2018) CEN4A/ENV4A/HNV4A

Environmental Studies (Candidate admitted from 2018-2019) ENV4B/HNV4B

Management Information System (Common to BBA) MAM4P

Object oriented programming with C ++ MAN4A

Business Environment (Common to B.Com & BBA) MAN4B/BPZ6C/ MAM6X/BPC6A/BPG2B

Operation Research (Common to BBA & B.Com) MBM4D/BTF2A/ BTG2A/BTM2A

Visual Basic Programming (Common to BBA & B.Com.) MAN5A/MEM5A/BVZ5B/ BVG5B/BVF5B/BVW5B/ CVZ5B/CVG5B/CVW5B/ MAT5A

Entrepreneurial Development (Common to BBA & B.Com.) MEM5B/ BPZ5C/ BPF3D/ BPW3D/BPG3D/BPM3D

Marketing Research (Common to BBA & B Com.(MM)) MAM5S/BPM5D

Production Management (Common to BBA) MAM5T

Programming in Java MEN5A

Web Technology (candidates admitted from 2009-10) MEN5C

E-Business MAN6A

Software Project Management MAN6B

Human Resource Management (Common to BBA & B.Com.) MAM6Z/MAM4Z/BVZ6B/ BVF6B/BPC6B/BVG6B

Business Mathematics (Common to BBA) ZZ4B

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