The Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Thiruvananthapuram

The Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Thiruvananthapuram, was established in 1981 by the Government of Kerala and Government of India. RCC is a comprehensive cancer centre catering to the population of the State of Kerala and the adjoining parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. From a modest beginning, the Regional Cancer Centre has evolved into an internationally recognized centre for conducting an extensive range of cancer research and providing state-of-the-art facilities for cancer diagnosis, treatment, palliation and rehabilitation.

The Regional Cancer Centre undertakes basic, translational and clinical research and disseminates the knowledge. The Regional Cancer Centre generates trained manpower for the region in various specialties of oncology-medical, Para-medical and non-medical.

The Regional Cancer Centre organizes cancer registries in modern lines. One of the major roles of the centre is training in academic and research activities. Students are trained in different medical and paramedical disciplines. The centre encourages short term projects by medical and nursing students.

The Regional Cancer Centre also work in collaboration with other medical institutions, health service departments, universities, aid agencies and other institutes of repute.  The Regional Cancer Centre stands tall in the health map of Kerala carrying out innovative and pioneering work in cancer control, treatment, research and training.

The Division of Surgical Oncology in Regional Cancer Centre provides state-of-the-art surgical procedures for various forms of malignancies. The Division is considered to be the one and only of its kind in the state with trained faculty and international surgical standards. The Division forms a part of the multidisciplinary teams which offers treatment for solid tumors. The Division runs 6 major operation theaters and a minor operation theatre. In the year 2009 – 2010 more than 4500 cancer surgeries were carried out in the Division. All major cancer surgeries of the head and neck region, thorax, abdomen, breast, bone and sarcoma and gynecological malignancies are performed by internationally trained faculty in the division.

Research Programmes


Ethical Committee

The Institute Review Board – Ethics Committee (IRB-EC) is intended to ensure a competent review of scientific and ethical aspects of the project proposals received. The Ethical Committee will review new project proposals after the same has been reviewed and approved by the Scientific Review Committee of the Institute.

Courses and Training Programmes

Teaching and training programmes

  • Accredited institute for Dip NB in Radiotherapy, Medical Oncology, Surgical    Oncology, Radio-Diagnosis,Anaesthesiology and Pathology.
  • Ph.D in Immuology, Biochemistry and other Biological sciences and Radiation     Physics.
  • Course for Cytotechnologists (1 Year)
  • Course for Cytotechnicians ( 6 months)

Short Term Training Programmes

  • Community Oriented Training Programme
  • Training Programme on pain relief and palliative care
  • Tumor registrar’s training programme
  • Training programme on Cytology
  • Diploma in Palliative care nursing

In addition to regular teaching, routine clinics and noon clinics with the active participation of faculty members of other departments are conducted regularly. They include:

  • Paediatric Oncology
  • Head and neck Clinic
  • Trophoblastic clinic
  • Clinico pathological conference
  • Pain clinic
  • Early cancer detection clinics

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