Not many takers for too many Engineering seats Karnataka

Engineering colleges in Karnataka, in two years the no. of vacant seats has grown over three times to reach an enormous from 4,177 to 14,628.

Every student eligible for an engineering seat gets it. The no. of students eligible to get into the stream through CET is only 71,639 while the number of seats available in the Visvesvaraya Technical University is over 76,000. Courses in which seats don’t get filled have changed over the years.

With the booming real estate and an increasing no. of infrastructure projects under way, civil engineers are much in demand. The 22% vacancy in this branch dropped to 7% in one year in spite of increased intake in 2008-2009. The no. of students opts for this course increased by 2000 every year. Construction technology and management which had a 19% vacancy in 2009-2010 were completely filled in 2010-2011.

The branch which has the highest no. of seats among all disciplines (16,215) has seen a steady increase in number of students opting for it over the years.

Not many takers for too many Engineering seats Karnataka

Mechanical engineering has an increase of about 3,000 seats in the past year. With more core companies coming to India and the automobile industry revving up in the country, it’s not surprising that vacancy has gone up by only 3%.

Computer Science has just recovered from a major setback after the recession. In 2008-2009, the percentage of vacant seats was just 5. After 2009-2010 admissions, it turns up to 24%. The year 2010-2011 saw an improvement with vacancy coming down to 19%. A similar trend is seen in Information Science and Engineering. Over the four previous following years, the % of seats vacant was 6, 8, 30 and 24.

No. of engineering colleges in state: 208

CET students opting for PCM last year: 11,2427

Number of students eligible for CET ranking in 2010 – 71639


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