LLM students to take exam without 1st semester result in Gujarat University

Even as the examination for the second semester of the Master of Laws (LLM) begins on Monday, students of the Gujarat University Law department are worried as their result for the first semester has been withheld. The clear reason is Gujarat University law department is yet to send the internal marks of the students.

In the absence of internal marks, the results of 60 students have been withheld by the University. As the examination starts from Monday, 60 students were on confusion whether they have to appear for the first semester papers also or not. Gujarat University recently declared the result of the first semester, but the results of these 60 odd students of the Gujarat University Law department have been withheld as the department failed to send the practical marks to its examination department.

The examination for the first year was held in February and the results were declared only recently. Gujarat University officials said that the examination department keeps sending reminders to colleges for their practical and internal marks to the examination department. Meanwhile the law board has decided the rules for the LLM semester courses. Accordingly a student has to get an aggregate of 48 per cent marks in all the subjects of the first semester and second semester together.

Student would be allowed to keep term (ATKT) if he fails in three subjects. However, if the student fails in four subjects, the student would be required to appear for all subjects. No exemptions would be given if the student fails in four or more subjects said officials.

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