IILM Institute for Higher Education – Lodhi Road & Gurgaon

IILM Institute, a place to pursue knowledge beyond traditional boundaries. You will encounter that attitude all around our campus, in education, in scholarship, and in research.

IILM institute initiated to impart quality education to the youth while equipping them with knowledge and skills which would enable them to leave their individual marks in the business world. IILM institute for Higher Education strives to create a niche of talented managers who make meaningful contributions to global businesses. Offering academic programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, IILM allows aspiring managers to get a comprehensive view of the business world.

IILM institute entered the education industry responding to the gap in quality education at post graduate level. The Post Graduate Program (PGP), a full time program worked around our principals of imparting quality education to individuals on the threshold of their careers. The specializations were designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the Indian industry and corporate expectations. Motivated by our success and the emerging need for executive programs, IILM have recently launched executive MBA programs. The thirst for education by the public has also resulted in the commencement of diploma programs in areas such as Telecom, Insurance, and Banking and Finance Services.

Realizing the need for holistic development in comparison to fragmented education which has been previously the norm, IILM looks beyond employment as managers and works towards shaping individuals to be great managers. Through skills of lifetime relevance IILM aim at developing students to their true potential. Modules such as image management, language modules, public relations, personality development workshops hold an integral part of the overall curriculum. Professionalism, critical thinking and good communication skills have become synonyms with IILM graduates. Teachers provide the path towards each individual’s goal and abiding with this philosophy, IILM have faculty strength of 91 along with an intensive curriculum. Individual attention is the crux of our success.

Holistic education cannot be complete without a healthy study environment and therefore, IILM offers an exceptional infrastructure. State of the art modern facilities assist in conducting the various academic programs along with a high degree of interactivity both within and outside the campus. The campuses in New Delhi and Gurgaon are ideally situated with ample greenery and open spaces. Facilities such as basketball courts, parking spaces add to the convenience encouraging the focus only on education and learning. Air conditioned classrooms with sophisticated audio visual systems make for a conducive learning experience. Group discussions and conventional lecture formats are further enhanced through a highly developed internet platform. The intranet enables students to access all information pertaining to their course along with submission of assignments and other services.

For a management institute it is imperative to be prepared for the changing environment while teaching its students to do the same. Responding to globalization and the global standards of work, IILM has entered into various ventures with reputed institutes such as London School of Economics, University of Berkeley, Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France and many others. Through exchange programs and tie ups, the institute provides it student’s exposure to different cultures and diversity amongst the workplace. Finally, IILM strives to go beyond conventional means of education creating a friendly and warm atmosphere where learning and development are encouraged, resulting in it becoming the center of excellence in holistic education in India.

Gurgaon Campus

DLF Golf Course Road, Gurgaon (NCR-Delhi).

Ph: 0124-3354300, Email: pgp@iilm.edu

For Admission Queries: 0124- 3354456

Toll Free No:1800-1804-456

For Placement Queries: 0124 – 3354327 / 09868115387

Campus Head: 0124 – 3354331/ 3354364

Lodhi Road Campus

Lodhi Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi- 110003

Ph: 011-30934300, Email: pgp@iilm.edu

For Admission Queries: 011-30934456 / 30934336

For Placement Queries: 011-30934306 / 9899746280

Dean’s Office: 011 – 30934323

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