DSK Supinfocom Entrance Exam

DSK Supinfocom, India’s first and largest international educational campus offering professional courses in the thriving fields of Animation, Gaming & Industrial Design are accredited and acclaimed institute. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valenciennois (CCIV), world’s best school in the areas of Animation, Gaming and Industrial Design from France is the esteemed associate of DSK Supinfocom and with this collaboration we become India’s topmost integrated design, Animation and Gaming Education School.

Entrance Exam

Date – April 17, 2011
Time – 9 am
Venues – Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai & Bengaluru

Foundation Courses
12th pass with proven creative abilities and zeal to excel.

Advanced Courses

Any degree / diploma / certificate with proven creative and design abilities, a finished portfolio is recommended.

Animation – Portfolio Guidelines

  • Portfolios are mandatory for all candidates for the Advanced course and highly recommended for the candidates for the Foundation course
  • Artistic endeavors such as artwork (both traditionally made and digital), photography, music, writing, design to be presented
  • All elements should be presented in an organized manner

Video Game Design – Portfolio Guidelines

  • The purpose of the portfolio presentation is to judge student’s interest and inclination in the field of video game designing
  • The portfolio should include the students resume
  • It should also include Small Videos, Game Prototype, Stories, Board Game, card game, any kind of “paper” game, Game concepts , Drawing, Photos, Music

ISD – Portfolio Guidelines

  • Portfolio for Year 1 students is not absolutely mandatory but any proof of your creative abilities would definitely help.
  • Year 3 students don’t need portfolio but they need to have knowledge about relevant design sites and magazines.
  • Drawings done by students have to be absolutely impressive and original

Animation – Tips for entrance exam

  • More weightage will be given to Drawing, Creativity, and Narration(storyboard)
  • Importance will also be given to Interview and Art Appreciation which is, comparison between two paintings
  • General Knowledge will be tested by some questions from the domains of Geography, History, and Science
  • The personal interview helps us determine the student’s motivation and maturity. Favorite films, books, hobbies, etc. will be mentioned.
  • The student’s reasons for choosing studies in the field of animation will be questioned. This is also the moment to present one’s portfolio.

Video Game Design – Tips for entrance exam

  • Reading some articles, and books related to the video game industry and on arts, geography, history and computer sciences will definitely help
  • The creativity test requires good written abilities plus a logical and analytical state of mind
  • The creativity test requires good written abilities plus a logical and analytical state of mind

ISD – Tips for entrance exam

“Improving on your drawing skills is essential and must for any student applying for the entrance exam. Therefore, start asap to draw, draw, draw, draw, draw and again draw. And lastly, passion for Industrial Design is absolutely essential.”
– Philippe Vahe, Head of International School of Design.

Courtesy: www.dsksic.com

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