Marine engineering

Marine engineering refers to the designing, industrialized, operation and maintenance of equipment in the ship and other marine vehicles which are responsible for movement of the marine vehicles. Marine Engineering has most in common with Mechanical Engineering though it requires considerable knowledge of other fields of engineering and science as well like hydraulic, control, pneumatic, process, and electrical and electronics engineering, chemistry, naval architecture etc. Marine engineering is very important because of the importance of shipping. Common of transportation of cargos and goods across countries having seashore happens through sea. Since the wave of globalization in the last few decades shipping industry has seen major growth. Other than transportation of cargos and goods ships are used for traveling by people across the countries.

Marine engineers are responsible for the complete technical management of the ship. Marine Engineering has two major aspects namely off board and on board. Off board marine engineering implies design and construction of technical aspects of a ship like engines, turbines and other systems in the ship and other marine vehicles. On board marine engineering implies the operation and maintenance of all these equipments and systems on a ship or any other marine vehicle. The importance of marine engineering has grown with new innovations in the fields of navigation. Also navy is an important aspect of defense for any country having seashore.

Marine engineers can get jobs in Government as well as private shipping companies. In addition they have the option of working with foreign shipping companies also. In all these sectors scope for growth and work environment is very good. Becoming a marine engineer requires BE/ B.Tech in Marine Engineering / Nautical Science from a recognized University. Besides these physical fitness of a candidate should be good and a medical test has also to be cleared to become a marine engineer. The course of B.Tech in Marine Engineering is of four years. These four years are divided into four parts comprising of one year each and again it is divided into duration of six months semester. At the end of each semester one has to pass in the main university exam for being promoted for the next semester.

Job Prospects

After completing the B.Tech in Marine Engineering the students can be appointed as junior engineer in the merchant ship. The student can become chief engineer after passing the competition exam conducted by Marine Administration in India. They can be appointed after 5-6 year job on the ship.

A four year B.E in Marine Engineering is the basic educational qualification needed to become a Marine engineer. This is a career that offers vast job opportunities including off-shore jobs and the most attractive part is its huge remuneration and NRI status. Many Indian and foreign institutes offer courses in Marine Engineering. Immense job opportunities are waiting for Marine engineers and they have nearly 100% placement rates. The demand for Marine Engineers in public and private shipping companies has risen sharply, with the increase in international global sea traffic. To become a good marine engineer some important qualities required are good communications skills, brilliant technical knowledge, IT skills, organizational skills, team spirit and calmness. Besides as a marine engineer one has to be ready to travel in a ship for long voyages extending to even months. Marine engineering is an excellent paying job with even a junior engineer getting a starting salary of Rs. 30,000 per month. A chief engineer may have a salary of over a lakh per month. Besides there are many perks which include traveling to different countries, free accommodation and food on ship thus the whole salary can be used as savings. There are many good institutes in India providing BE in marine engineering entrance to which is same as any other field of engineering.

Having a great scope of marine engineering courses, there are numerous institutions established in various states of India. Few main institutes in India include Marine Engineering Research Institute in West Bengal, Marine Engineering & Research Institute in Maharashtra, International Marine Communication Centre in Tamil Nadu.

Marine Engineers have the complete responsibility of the ship’s technical management. They are responsible for selecting the ships’ machinery, which may include diesel engines, steam turbines, and gas turbines; and for the design of mechanical, electrical, fluid and control systems throughout the vessel. They are the members of a ship’s crew who are in charge for managing a team of marine technicians and craftspeople. The construction, operations and maintenance of the engine room are the main obligation of a Marine engineer. That means the Marine engineer deals with the technical area of the ship. In fact, they are the overall in charge of the engine and its crew, and ensure the safety and standards of the marine body. The role of Marine Engineers has widened and smoothened with modern development and electronic navigation.

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