Assam Higher Secondary Results 2011 – Toppers List

Guwahati students were completely overshadowed in arts and science. However, in commerce, students from the capital scored high.  Girls outshone boys in all three streams science, commerce and arts.

In arts, out of 1,86,688 students 1,36,548 cleared the exam and in science out of 17,535 students 15,312 passed. In commerce, 13,389 students cleared out of a total of 16,776 students who appeared.

Kashmiri Das of Cotton College was a topper in arts with 446, while Sabbah Qamri of Sorbhog, an institutional private candidate, came a close second with 445. Urvashi Chetia of Krishna Guru Mahavidyala of Sarthebari took the third position with 444.

Assam Higher Secondary Results 2011 – Toppers List

Science stream:

1st – Shekhar Kumar Yadav (Engl, Alte, Phys, Chem, Math) 460, Salt Brook Academy, Dibrugarh

2nd – Bishal Sara (Engl, Alte, Phys, Chem, Math, Biol) 458, Cotton College, Guwahati

3rd – Kunja Kanan Nath (Engl, Mass, Phys, Chem, Math, Stat) 456, Salt Brook Academy,

Arts stream:

1st – Kashmiri Das (Engl, Alte, Econ, Loph, Educ, Math) 446, Cotton College, Guwahati

2nd – Sabbah Qamri (Engl, Alte, Loph, Econ, Educ, Posc) 445, Institutional Private, Sorbhog

3rd – Urvashi Chetia (Engl, Alte, Soci, Econ, Educ, Posc) 444, Krishna Guru Maha-vidyalaya, Sarthebari (Nasatra)

Commerce stream:

1st – Shalaka Jain (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Caes) 439, Gauhati Commerce College, Guwahati

2nd – Nikita More (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Caes, Econ) 438, KC Das Commerce College, Guwahati

3rd – Sanket Agarwal (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Econ, Caes) 433, Gauhati Commerce College, Guwahati

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