Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad

Ever since it was established in 1956, ASCI fuelled the process of professionalizing management, by synergizing a symbiotic blend of management development  [training], consultancy and research. This unique blend coupled with information technology pursuit is structured to develop strategic thinking, reformist leadership, and state-of-the-art skills among practicing managers in India and the developing world. It thus envisages achieving competitive dominance by confronting existing and emerging challenges and effectively managing regulatory, government, commercial and non-commercial organizations. Over 75,000 participants from industry, government and non-government organizations in India and the developing world have taken advantage of nearly 200 management development programmes offered by ASCI every year and over 300 organizations have reaped benefits from its research and consultancy services.

Administrative Staff College of India that pioneered post experience management education in India, to equip corporate managers, administrators, entrepreneurs and academicians in synthesizing managerial theory and practice, to respond to the ever-increasing complexity of managerial issues confronting government, industrial enterprises and non-government organizations.

Administrative Staff College of India
Bella Vista,
Raj Bhavan Road, Khairatabad,
Hyderabad – 500 082, India.
Phone : +91-40-66533000
Fax :     +91-40-23312945

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